Meal in a spoon!

This is one of my favs, Skyler converted me, now I can't enough of this!

1 spoonful JIF peanut butter
18-24 milk chocolate chocolate chips
(you may sub butterscotch chips but they're not as good, it's a last resort)
2 pints milk (4 cups)


Katie said...

thank you, sky.

Lara said...

I swear when this blog first started that I told j that I hope sky will post his spoon full of peanut butter recipe. hilarious.

Crystal said...

Haha, a Stice household staple. It's what you eat when you can't find any candy stashed in the house.

Ashley said...

What the?! Sky! I can't believe you shared our super-secret recipe for the best treat ever! One that I sneak down to the kitchen in the middle of the night for. I feel so betrayed.